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Welcome to the Wyoming Telecommunications Association

The Wyoming Telecommunications Association's mission is to provide information, representation and general assistance to its Members in regulatory, legislative, and general business matters relating to the telecommunications industry.

WTA seeks to unify the industry's efforts to promote greater effectiveness in presenting industry issues before regulatory, administrative and legislative agencies. WTA members collect, assemble and disseminate information about or concerning the industry to its members, interested parties and governmental agencies.

The WTA consists of 9 independent local exchange telephone companies that are located in whole or in Wyoming. These companies, located mainly in rural communities, have provided local telephone service in their communities for decades. All are dedicated to supporting and expanding the economic viability of their communities and to enhancing the educational and business opportunities available to community members.

WTA members provide a variety of services to their customers, including basic local telephone service, long distance service, cellular phone service, high-speed DSL service, high-speed wireless internet, and digital television. Our members allow rural customers to receive cutting edge technology solutions from local businesses they know and trust.

Important Information

State USF White Paper: New Rural Investment Challenger

Wyoming Business Council Seeks Broadband Manager

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Wyoming Telecommunications Association will be hosting Tri-State August 6-8, 2018!

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Wyoming Telecommunications Association (WYTA)
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